Hi Resetters! We've been plotting and planning all winter and now it's spring and our to-do lists are nutty! But every day is an opportunity to put your mask on first. Defending space in your life for the activities that bring you joy, balance and strength-just like any other skill-takes practice and a certain determination. We've seen that determined look you get when you're being pulled in a different direction but you push through and stick to your plan. We love that look. We kind of *live* for that look.

So how do you defend YOUR time? One Resetter uses this line (in the sand) when work asks her to stay late as she's trying to get to class: "I have a personal appointment I need to leave for but I'm happy to revisit this tomorrow." OR "I have a personal appointment now so we'll need to schedule another time." Do you have any tricks to get out of the house/office/car in time to make it to the workouts that make you feel awesome? SHARE WITH US SO WE CAN SHARE WITH EVERYONE!


At the Reset, our biggest joy comes from making a difference in our students' lives. But we also want to make a difference in our region, because we're not just a fitness studio, we're part of something bigger: our community.

The Reset is proud to announce an ongoing partnership with the Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts. Moving forward, EVERY MONTH the Reset will donate 5% of our profits to WFWM. WFWM fuels gender equity in our region by funding programs that elevate the power of local women to take charge and lead. Among other awesome work, WFWM trains women to run for office and funds programs that make a difference in the lives of women and girls. To celebrate this partnership and kick-off our 5% For Women commitment in a big way, The Reset hosted a workout on Friday, February 23. 100% of the class fee will be donated to the WFWM AND the Reset will match 100% of the class fees! We raised just over $250!!!!!

Moving forward, every time you sign up to workout, you'll be enjoying a mental reset WHILE supporting an amazing organization that supports local women. IT'S NOT A DREAM. IT'S HAPPENING. Get your strength and sweat on and support the Western Mass. Women's Fund.