What if I never worked out before or haven't worked out in awhile?

If you've never worked out before, or you haven't worked out in awhile, we welcome you at The Reset.  All of our classes are multi-level and our instructors are trained to show both beginner and advanced options. That being said please go see your doctor before starting, just to make sure you're medically good to go.

What do I need for a typical class?

Supportive comfortable sneakers a.k.a. cross trainers, water, a small towel and workout-friendly clothes.

If I am reserved for a class and I cannot make it, what is your policy?

In order to cancel a class and receive a refund, you must cancel by 3 hours before the class. Once your reservation is cancelled, the class fee will be returned to your account or-if you've purchased multiple classes-the class will be returned to your account. If you haven't cancelled by 3 hours before the class, you will be charged. You can cancel your reservation in the following ways: Log into your The Reset account from our home page or our Punchpass website and cancel your reservation.

Can I bring my kid?

No. We love kids but are not set up to welcome them.

Can I come to class without registering?

We are a small studio with a limited number of spots. Classes fill up. Please register.

Do you have showers, lockers or changing rooms?


Where do I park?

Park in Open Square's Mill 4 main parking lot or overflow lots: