About Maggie

Maggie was an 'indoor kid' and she is here to tell you: you can find a physical thing you love. In Maggie's classes you will be asked to decide what you want to handle, and then she'll motivate to handle it, building a rich bank of 'I can do this' moments on which to draw when you need it. Maggie's positive energy and ability to laugh at herself make her classes an exercise in fun self-care. You will leave feeling confident, calm and a little like a rock star.

Maggie is an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Group Fitness Instructor, a Spinning® Level III Elite Instructor, and a TRX® Certified Instructor. She’s proud to welcome you to The Reset.


About Caroline

Caroline is a 200 HR RYT (registered yoga teacher) with Yoga Alliance.She’s also a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. She is a volleyball and weight training coach and a Certified Sports Yoga Instructor. With a bachelors degree in Public Health with a concentration in nutrition from Simmons College, Caroline applies her education and experience to her athletes and clients, focusing on preventative measures and health longevity. Caroline creates dynamic yoga flows to fit diverse capabilities. She believes strongly in appreciating the uniqueness of all bodies and urges her clients to advocate and communicate. She has been practicing yoga for six years and finds joy in learning new poses, new transitions and new ways to engage the body, to then share with others. Guiding individuals in yoga has become her passion and her journey. With enthusiasm, positivity and compassion, Caroline delivers fun, challenging and always-changing flows.


Daisy Acosta

Daisy’s passion has always been helping others and she looks forward to supporting you at The Reset! As a child, Daisy dreamed of being a teacher but her career path led her in a different direction when she became Social Worker. Working in a child protection agency, however, can be extremely challenging and at times self care is neglected. Daisy started workouting out regularly for self care and fell in love with it! Daisy decided to work on her dream of becoming a teacher. She is a TRX Qualified Instructor and hopes to become a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.