First Week is In The Books!

First Week Highlights and Gratitude

1. Thank you thank you thank you so much to all of you (even if you haven't come to class yet) who helped me have an awesome first week! I am BEYOND grateful for the opportunity to support your mental and physical well-being through movement. 

2. First week highlights are up on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Enjoy!


1. By special request, we're adding earlier and later evening classes. See the schedule additions here: I'm hoping the earlier classes will work for folks who work in schools and the later classes will work for folks for whom getting to Open Square at 5:10 is not an option, but later is.

2. Today we got in our 100% organic and non-toxic disinfecting system from local lady entrepreneur Amy Love of Especially during this cold & flu season, I want to keep the studio healthy for all.

That's it! See you in Suite 203!