In the last year, THIS has become crystal clear:

I'm the daughter of a biology teacher and a librarian. So #science. Science has shown you can alter the following through exercise: your muscle mass, your strength, your base metabolic rate, your body fat percentage, your aerobic capacity, your body's blood sugar tolerance, your cholesterol/HDL ratio, your blood pressure and your bone density. Blah fucking blah, blah blah right?

NO. I guess it's always been true, but in the last year it's become CRYSTAL CLEAR to me: The world needs you and it needs you right now and next week and later this year. The things you want to see in the world require that you keep your head up and be fit to fight.

Am I suggesting you literally punch someone? No, people are not for hitting. I'm suggesting that whatever it is you care about (ending racism, elevating women to their rightful place in the world, your kids, health care, other kids' health care, immigrant rights, trans rights, our country's relationship with other countries....) needs you. The things you care about need your mind and your energy and sometimes they need you to march.

Marching requires......wait for it....... the strength to get up and get out and march. There are many people who-for whatever reason-CANNOT, and we who can should. Working out, not only will you gain physical strength and abilities. You'll also feel stronger. And calmer. And more focused. And determined. And once you get into a regular sweat session schedule, working out feels like relief, like a big cleansing wave that washes over you. Which makes keeping your head up a lot easier.

RESIST the urge to crawl into bed and hide. Yes, rest when you need to. Allow yourself deep comfort, but only after you've made sure it's part of being fit to fight. Listen. It's a new day. We need to decide that actions that do not keep us physically and emotionally strong need to stop. Because the world needs you to be well. Let's be well together.

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