Am I Repeating Myself?

Am I repeating myself? Wait. Before you answer? I don’t care if I am, because there might be five people within the sound of my tippy typing on my laptop who need to hear this. I am so mad at the fitness industry for doing such a completely shitty job of actually helping people take care of their soul sacks.

A potential Resetter contacted me because they were anxious about coming to class.

I had to explain that The Reset is NOT that kind of place. Like, AT ALL.

Like, we are pretty much the opposite.

It is not my job to yell at you. It is not my job to get in a workout myself during YOUR class. It is not my job to “try new things” that aren’t mechanically and kinesthetically sound. It is not my job to give you advice about food or diets. It is not my job to judge any single body.

It is my job to share a movement and ALL it's variations and modifications. I choose movements that work most to all your muscles through different planes that are mechanically sound with good form. I choose things to do that will make you strong from the inside out. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced options. .

And then (this is the critical part) YOU choose what you feel like doing. You get to practice whatever you want to practice that day while I'm doing my other job (my most important one): using what I know about bodies and joints and movement to keep you safe from injury (I'm happy to share more about that if you'd like to know). 

So, this adventure we're on? You get to be gentle with yourself. You get to choose. There’s nothing to be anxious about.